Owner Films Sassy 50-Year-Old Parrot Talking

Animals are so incredible.

People who own birds as pets have exceptional patience for their talkative animals. One lady can’t help but listen to every word her 50-year-old parrot says to her, even when it catches her off guard. Leave it to an old bird to say something cheeky.

Going by the ironic name of Baby, this yellow-naped amazon parrot has been in her owner’s family for generations. As parrots grow older, their vocabulary gets larger, giving them the ability to hold more active conversations.

The Youtube channel, Tackerman, recently uploaded an adorably hilarious compilation of the friendly bird talking their ear off. With simple phrases like, “I love you,” and “Pretty bird,” there’s nothing too off-kilter until the end.

In an eerily comical clip, Baby is seen cracking herself up as she sits on a perch in her cage. While it’s not something you’d want to hear in the middle of the night, it’s endearing during the day. Just wait until you listen to what Baby has to say as the video comes to a close.

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Owner Films Sassy 50-Year-Old Parrot Talking