Pair of Sea Lions Want to Sail a Boat

Did you know a Sea Lion can weigh up to a ton, imagine what happens when 2 of them get onto a Sailboat!

Sea Lions are massive creatures, much larger than their land roaming “cousins”. One animal can weigh anywhere from 300 Pounds to a ton, in some species! Imagine what happens when, not one of these, but two of them decide to climb a sailboat.

In December Joshua Phillips sees two large Sea Lions sitting on a sailboat, he instantly pulled out his camera and records an amazing footage. He then posted it on His company’s Instagram page where the video has been watched a Million Times.

Another video uploaded on Youtube shows the pair, as well as a third Sea Lion trying to climb aboard the boat. He captions the video “Landon, if you’re watching this video, I’m sorry about your boat, mate!” feeling sorry for his friend’s’ property.

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Pair of Sea Lions Want to Sail a Boat