Two Parrots ‘Argue’ Like They’ve Been Married for Decades

These two chatty birds will likely remind you of someone you know. Their petty ‘argument’ is hilarious.

Lots of people like to joke about marriage and life as a couple. This is mostly because of all the crazy arguments and fights people can have over the most insignificant and small details. But fighting senselessly is not exclusive to humans, no sir. The hilarious parrot argument we have on a video featured here will show you exactly why. They might not be married, or even know what they’re arguing about, but nevertheless, they put on a hilarious show for everyone.

The breed that these parakeets belong to is called the Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot, and this particular pair is from Parron Mountain, in Gatlingburg, Tennessee. Since there are lots of people who visit there every day, they’re always learning new different phrases and words. This can make for some amazingly funny results.

The way they repeat all those words without really knowing what they mean just makes the whole video silly and very entertaining. In the video, you can see them start blabbering non-stop, without even listening to each other. Kinda like those married folks, don’t you think? Only way funnier.

You can watch this funny moment between birds in the video below. These two are such a riot to listen to; can you imagine the conversations they have overheard to speak like this? What are they even saying? Does it matter? They sure are entertaining.

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Two Parrots ‘Argue’ Like They’ve Been Married for Decades