The peaceful sounds of a herd of bison (speakers on for this)

I love the grunting and rumbling sounds they make.

At the Cross Timbers Buffalo ranch, a sizable herd of bison loves grazing in the fields more than anything. They have an unending source of grass surrounded by beautiful, healthy trees.

The bison themselves are majestic. Many of them are full-grown adults with thick fur and sturdy horns that reflect the sun’s light during the day when they’re out.

Above the fields, the skies are clear and blue, and it is a scene of utter peace and calm. A cool wind blows through the thick fur of the bison while they enjoy their mealtime.

In the herd, there are many baby bison, or calves, following their parents’ lead. The bison eat with a satisfying crunch, sticking their noses and mouths deep into the grass.

Their tails constantly wag while they eat or walk, and they make a lot of grunting and rumbling sounds as well. As the sun sets, the bison are spread out across the open field.

The edge of the sky is turning pink. Some of the bison have already stopped eating. Meanwhile, the young ones are ravenous. They have to eat a lot if they want to be big and strong like their parents.

Nearby deer are roaming around as well. The Cross Timbers Ranch is a serene place where the bison can walk around freely and live quiet lives.

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The peaceful sounds of a herd of bison (speakers on for this)