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Playful Chihuahua’s best friend is a tortoise named Tilly G.

Skippy is absolutely adorable. His little “booty dance” is hilarious.

You might have heard of dogs and cats that are best friends. But this Chihuahua stepped outside of the mammal class to find his bestie. Skippy was BFFs with a tortoise named Tilly G.

Every time Skippy saw his best friend, he could not contain his excitement. “It’s like if you see a long-lost family member that you haven’t seen in a long time,” said Skippy’s mom. “That’s how Skippy is every day.”

When Skippy was not doing a “little booty dance” to show his joy, the Chihuahua loved bringing Tilly G. his favorite toys. “Every day, it’s something different. So, it’s either a squeaky toy or a stick.”

Tilly G. and Skippy were close the moment they met each other. The day Skippy’s mom brought the puppy home, she introduced the two animals, and they bonded immediately. “It’s like they had always known each other.”

Skippy might have been more exuberant about his displays of affection, giving kisses and “petting” his new friend. But Tilly G. was just as loving. Every time the tortoise saw Skippy, he would move toward the Chihuahua.

As the pup and tortoise grew older, they only loved one another more. “Their friendship blossomed more than I could ever expect,” said their mom. “They just want to be together.”

Tilly G. and Skippy’s relationship was an inspiration for their mom. “What they mean to me is everything,” she said. “They represent love, unconditional love. They’re my heart.”

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Playful Chihuahua’s best friend is a tortoise named Tilly G.