Precious baby elephant learns how to eat pumpkin from her nanny

That baby elephant is a pumpkin. She is really sweet.

Baby elephant Pyi Mai has many things to learn, and one of them is opening a pumpkin with her feet. Luckily, her mother, Khuam Moon, and her nanny Sri Nuan are there to teach her.

It is a lovely day at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, and a pile of food awaits the family of elephants. The sun shines bright, with thick trees blanketing the background.

The elephants cross the broad open fields covered with green grass. Pyi Mai is the smallest and most excited as she runs over to the snacks. There is a lot to choose from in a pile.

There are watermelons, bananas, cucumbers, and pumpkins. Pyi Mai arrives first and waits impatiently for her mother and nanny to join her. She doesn’t know how to open the pumpkin, so she rolls it around.

They crush the pumpkin under their feet, showing Pyi Mai how to open it. Using their trunks, they pick up the food and carry it over to their mouths.

Pyi Mai understands what she has to do. She walks over the pumpkins, trying her hardest to crush them by standing over them. At this moment, Pyi Mai may still be too small to open it using her weight.

Thankfully she has Khuam Moon and Sri Nuan to help her with the pumpkins. Pyi Mai certainly understands the technique, and she happily eats the pumpkins that were opened for her.

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Precious baby elephant learns how to eat pumpkin from her nanny