Proud dad cat with his kittens will make you smile

Obviously, a role model Dad. Love this!

As a dad cat watches his kittens grow up, the world watches his parenting. It is the most unintentionally cute thing you’ll ever see.

After spending months carrying kittens in her belly, a mother cat finally gives birth. She welcomes her new kittens into the world. The following days turn into weeks as she nurses them on her own.

One day, she stretches her legs out and taps the dad cat on the head. It’s now his turn, and he transforms into the greatest dad cat ever.

As the video starts, viewers are treated to the day in the life of a dad cat. He starts by making sure his kittens are hydrated. If they refuse to drink enough water, then they don’t get to have any playtime.

By the time afternoon rolls around, the dad cat is taking a nap. Mom cat takes turns giving her kittens a bath while also giving the dad cat a break.

From that point on, you get treated to some of the most wholesome cat-kitten moments on the internet. Seeing an adult cat interact with his kittens is really special. And despite the short length, this is one of many future adventures for this dad and his cat family.

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Proud dad cat with his kittens will make you smile