Proud Golden Retriever Parents Watching Over Their New Puppies

Golden Proud Parents.

There are few things cuter than watching the adoring love of a mother and father staring out watchfully over their little ones. Whether it’s an animal or human, love is love. These golden retriever parents appear entranced with their litter of puppies, who lay looking forward toward them with an equal showing of emotion. Pride is clear, but the expression on their face says so much more.

Mother, father, and litter of seven exude a sense of sanctuary as they lay together as a happy family in a happy home. You can see the love that they get extending through their being, after just being blessed by these furry little friends. The home will be a little busier, and life much fuller with these monsters around, if at least for a little while. Everyone has to leave home sometime!

There’s no doubt that these parents are deeply in love with their home and puppies. A truly magical moment is captured in its pure simplicity, sharing the way that these parents are lost in the happiness of having their own family. From sleepy time to feeding time, the time spent together is true as golden as they are.

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Proud Golden Retriever Parents Watching Over Their New Puppies