He Pushes The Furniture Together Then Dumps A Box Of THIS In The Middle To Surprise His Pup!

Dogs are a lot smarter than we realize – so make sure you treat those puppies right!

Maymo couldn’t have been more surprised when his owners decided to celebrate his birthday with a DIY Ball Pit. What a lucky dog, everyone should love their dogs like these wonderful people.

First they put a rug down then made a square with some furniture. Now it’s time for some rainbow-colored fun!

Maymo just can’t get enough of his awesome birthday treat and it’s tons of  fun for us to watch him. I bet my dog would absolutely love this.

We aren’t the only ones enjoying Maymo’s delightful birthday surprise – over two and a half million people have already watched his fun afternoon.

By the end of the video Maymo is a little tired so he lays down for the cutest nap ever, right on top of all the colorful balls.

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