Quadruplet Calves Born in Texas? Holy Cow!

That’s amazing the mother was able to deliver three of them on her own. What a tough momma!

Beautiful and unexpected; that is what nature is. We doubt that even this proud mom was quite anticipating delivering a baby four times over. But that’s what nature made her deal with. She did well too, bless her – three of them were born before anyone else arrived on the scene!

Take a look at her and her new family in the video below. She lives on Jim Barlings’ farm in Arkansas, Northeast Texas and she is called Number 15. When you first take a look at her, she looks like an ordinary cow. But this normal looking cow shocked the entire community with her multiple births.

Number 15 gave birth to very rare quadruplets. According to statistics, the chance of a cow delivering four calves at once is one in 11.2 million! The adorable calves have been named Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo, (we love it) and they are all beautifully healthy and enjoying life on the ranch.

It is difficult for the mother to take care of four calves at once, but the Barlings have received much-needed help from their community as well. In fact, the community spirit that this stoical mama cow has ignited might prove to be her greatest legacy.

We loved it in the video when the bemused vet said he never before received so much attention for doing so little. What a supermom. And we think the calves are pretty spectacular too.

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Quadruplet Calves Born in Texas? Holy Cow!