Rare Cat Breed’s Appearance Leaves Viewers Shocked

They kind of look like a Sphynx mixed with someone’s carpet, haha.

When you think of a housecat, you might picture an adorable orange tabby or a beautiful white ragdoll kitten. Chances are you’ve never heard of something called a Wolf-Cat or “The Werewolf Cat.”

The Lykoi also looks like a mixture of your standard house cat and a phased-out black wolf topped with a stunning white mask. Their paws and claws resemble bat-like feet will have you perplexed.

Looking like something out of a fairytale, more and more people are adopting these unique animals. They have several dog-like tendencies in their behavior and leave cat owners feeling like they scored the best of both worlds.

Just like any other cat, these unique cats love to sneak between furniture, play with string, and can’t get enough scratches from their owners. While they may not be everyone’s cup of tea in the looks department, they have just as much love to give as any other feline you’d meet.

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Rare Cat Breed’s Appearance Leaves Viewers Shocked