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A rescue dog comforts a nine-day-old orphaned foal

Such a good doggo. He certainly filled a need.

Recently, Karla Swindle, the owner of S&K Quarter Horses in Fayette, Alabama, witnessed a heartbreaking moment when one of her horses went downhill after a few days of giving birth. Then, she crossed the rainbow leaving behind an orphaned foal.

The poor foal, Tye, was left behind without his mother’s love and care when he was just 9 days old. Swindle also faced the challenge of raising an orphaned foal. However, that same night the little one gained an unexpected friend.

The unexpected friend, an Australian Cattle dog named Zip, had never shown much interest in his horse siblings. However, the 5-year-old rescue dog knew he was needed on that fateful night in March.

When the foal’s mother was sick, Swindle had stayed at the barn, and Zip had tagged along with his owner. The owner had remained with the mama horse all night. However, Zip just laid beside the foal when he was whining.

Swindle could tell that Zip knew something was wrong. The following day Tye lost his mother, but he was not alone. Zip insisted on keeping the newborn horse company and comforted the little animal.

When Zip was around, Tai was relaxed and happy. Swindle felt that the foal knew the dog was trying to help him. For several weeks Zip would not let Tye out of his sight. Whenever Swindle met the foal, Zip was first in line to greet the little horse.

As months passed, Tye quickly gained weight and grew into a healthy young horse thanks to his adoptive dad, Zip. Tye spends most of his days out in the pasture with his sister, who taught him how to be a horse, while Zip accompanies Swindle to the barn.

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A rescue dog comforts a nine-day-old orphaned foal