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Rescue kitten and golden retriever become inseparable couple

It’s adorable how they eat from the same bowl.

When a golden retriever gets a kitten, he is the happiest dog in the world. It didn’t take long for a bond to grow between these two pets.

Keelo is a golden retriever that is set in his ways. He is an older family dog and has very much marked his territory. One day, a ginger kitten named Koda was brought home.

Instead of growling, Keelo welcomed Koda with open paws. She was curious enough to sniff Keelo, and within minutes was crawling all over him.

All of a sudden, the golden retriever couldn’t go anywhere in the home without his little buddy following. The two were inseparable, right down to the meals they ate together. Keelo was very careful when handling the kitten, and never got aggressive when she was playful.

Now that Koda is grown up, they are both happy to nap most of the day away. If you look around the house, they’ll often be cuddled up together dreaming of their next snack.

Golden retrievers are great family pets with high intelligence. Instead of turning away Koda, Keelo knew he was getting a new family member. Now he has a friend for life, and a napping buddy to keep him warm.

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Rescue kitten and golden retriever become inseparable couple