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Rescued Chihuahua delivers jumbo-sized litter

The average litter is just 5, so…

Laugh Out Loud the pregnant chihuahua surprises everyone with a long and record-breaking labor.

Laugh Out Loud (or LOL) is now a world-famous name. This pregnant chihuahua was rescued from a hoarding situation by Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption in Kansas. She was very pregnant and just about ready to give birth.

They placed her with a foster family, and her new foster mom was worried about the size of her belly. She didn’t expect to be on the evening news soon after the labor stopped.

As LOL went into labor, her foster mom kept in contact with the adoption center. They were surprised to hear that LOL had not 8, not 9, but 10 puppies over 12 hours of labor. They just kept coming.

After the labor, mom and pups were happy and healthy, so the family went to bed. In the morning, they woke up to a world-record surprise. During the night, LOL had given birth to an 11th puppy.

This is the highest number of puppies ever born to a chihuahua. Suddenly, LOL was famous. Her foster mom and the adoption agency were shocked. Suddenly the size of her belly made perfect sense.

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Rescued Chihuahua delivers jumbo-sized litter