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Rescued foxes are just like puppies

Wow! Foxes are really vocal.

Save a Fox Rescue shows us, yet again, that foxes are just fluffier puppies who love belly rubs and playing fetch.

There aren’t many things that can compete with a puppy for cuteness, but a big fluffy fox squealing in delight as they receive tickles comes very close.

Over at Save a Fox Rescue, Mikayla and her team are hard at work giving these abandoned and rescued, domestic foxes a forever home where they can feel loved and happy.

And they seem to be doing a good job of it, as Mattias, Dixie, Vixie, and Finnegan will attest! This group of foxes looks absolutely ecstatic as Mikayla comes to see them.

The fluffy cuties can be seen bounding up to Mikayla and climbing all over her in excitement. Finnegan loves his belly being rubbed while Dixie loves sitting on top of Mikayla’s head!

The reason for their excitement becomes clear at the end of the video as we come to learn that Mikayla has been preoccupied lately tending to an abandoned newborn cub.

The adorable baby fox has only just opened his eyes for the first time and can be seen snuggling into a warm blanket ready for his dinner. This is just too cute.

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Rescued foxes are just like puppies