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Rescued Horse And Mini Goats Become Best Friends For Life

Hoof you seen this? I can’t goat enough of this.

Every time you are dealing with hyperactive kids, you need to be incredibly patient with them. Young children have immense energy, and they never seem to stay put in one place. It is actually good to let them run around and get all that energy out.

As it turns out, there is not much difference between human kids and animal kids. Just like human babies, animal babies also tend to be full of energy and they need to be entertained or they are likely to get in trouble. And when I say kids, I literally mean kids. Watch these baby goats and their much larger friend in this next video.

Take a look at this trio of tiny baby goats. These cute goats are having the time of their lives jumping up and around a very patient horse. Mr. G is probably the best babysitter I have ever seen in my life. This beautiful horse doesn’t mind the goats using him as a trampoline – he is very tolerant indeed. What an adorable group.

As we all know, goats love to climb. It doesn’t seem like there is anything much around for them to climb on, but they are very resourceful. They must know Mr. G very well because he’s their mountain to conquer on this day. He is a patient one, isn’t he? I think Mr. G deserves a medal.

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Rescued Horse And Mini Goats Become Best Friends For Life