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Rescued Kitten Leads Her Siblings in Lap Cuddles

Tanooki (Tanuki) is such a cute name. It means raccoon in Japanese.

When rescue organization director, Laura Malone, took home a litter of four kittens to socialize them from their feral beginnings so they could find adoptive homes, she didn’t expect any standouts. One adorable tortoiseshell did stand out though and turned into an exceptional cuddle-monster.

The kittens were already weaned when they came to Laura’s home, so socialization was the primary goal. On arrival, the feline foursome did what any new cats would do when brought to a new environment: They went exploring the room where they would be staying. As playful kittens, they also tried out all the toys in their room. Occasionally, they would even stop playing to stand in front of their foster mom and gaze at her inquisitively.

One kitten was markedly more brazen than her siblings: Tanooki the tortie discovered Laura’s lap, giving her caretaker the green light to stroke her gently. She enjoyed the petting so much that she nearly fell asleep with Laura’s hand on her. From that point forward, whenever Laura would come into the kitten room, Tanooki would make a beeline to her, waiting for her to sit and give her strokes and cuddles while her siblings played.

Emboldened by their sister’s example, siblings Peach, Bowser, and Daisy eventually climbed aboard Laura’s lap to experience the sweet group cuddle. Laura had a genuine purr-pile on her lap when all four of the babies joined in and started their feline rumbling. But Tanooki still stood out among them as the most frequent and persistent of the feline snugglers. To this day, no lap in Tanooki’s presence can remain uninhabited. She’s a lap cat for life.

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Rescued Kitten Leads Her Siblings in Lap Cuddles