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Rescuers drive into the storm to save dog and her puppies

These people are the real heroes.

During the worst storm of the year, this homeless mama dog gave birth to her eight little puppies. When Eldad and Loretta from Hope 4 Paws found out, they rushed into the storm to save the big family.

When they arrived, the mama dog looked out at them with the saddest eyes. From the moment she saw them, it was like she knew they had come to help her and her family.

After feeding her a little food, the Eldad reached out toward her pups, assuring the mom that everything was going to be okay. Seeming to understand, she let the team take her pups out of the dusty space.

But this was not just a procession line. With each puppy that Eldad took, he made sure to let the mama dog “help” by giving each of the babies a few kisses before he handed them to Loretta.

With all the puppies safe, it was time for the mama dog to join the rest of her family. Then, with her safely out, Eldad did one last crawl into the makeshift home to make sure there were no puppies that they had missed.

Once the mama dog was in the back of the car, the family was united and safe at last. All in all, the mama dog had a healthy litter of five girls and three boys. Now, all of them would be safe.

Not long after, Hope 4 Paws found a foster home for the eight puppies and their mama. Here, they could grow healthy and strong until they were ready to find their ways to their forever homes.

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Rescuers drive into the storm to save dog and her puppies