Rescuers Work Hard Freeing Wild Horse Stuck in Mud

God bless these noble people.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. A group of hard-working wild worse advocates saw a helpless pony stuck in thick mud. Thankfully, they had the time and tools needed to help free the horse.

The Help Alberta Wildies Society knows that it’s not an easy job to free a massive animal when they’re in distress. They took ropes, wenches, and even a few four-wheelers to lift the precious creature back into the wild.

It ended up taking several hours, but eventually, they got her out of the mud. They wholesome folks of the Wildies Society decided to name the horse Faith. The first thing she did was enjoy a snack of delicious grass as soon as she was free.

Without knowing how long Faith was stuck in the mud, who knows the last time she ate? We’re glad that the generous people in the Help Alberta Wildies Society saw her before it was too late and did everything necessary to save her life.

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Rescuers Work Hard Freeing Wild Horse Stuck in Mud