Rival bears face off for the best fishing spot

I love seeing these creatures interact in their natural environment.

While bears might not be as anthropomorphic as they appear in our cartoons, these shows did get one thing right. Bears have rich, emotional lives, something this bear cam footage showed.

For years, the National Park Service had cameras trained on Brooks Falls. Bears would often come to this location to catch fish for lunch. That included bears like 856 and 747.

For bears in the wild, competition for food was fierce. In some cases, your fishing spot in Brooks Falls could determine what the harsh winter looked like for you and your family.

For that reason, bears would sometimes fight over the most productive fishing spots. This was one of those days, and the camera caught the entire interaction between 747 and 856.

At first, it looked like 856 had begrudgingly accepted his rival. He caught a fish from a less productive fishing spot. But when he finished his meal, his demeanor shifted.

Thanks to hidden camera footage like this, we can view the inner workings of life in the wild. Watch the thrilling conclusion of this unique bear interaction at Brooks Falls.

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Rival bears face off for the best fishing spot