Rocky the Turtle savors a like button carved out of a watermelon

Does anyone else find the tortoise’s tongue absolutely adorable or is it just me?

Rocky the turtle is becoming an internet star thanks to an 11 minute ASMR video in which he is eating a like button that has been carved out of a watermelon.

While someone is holding a tiny microphone near Rocky’s head to pick up all the chewing sounds, Rocky is hard at work and completely focused on finishing the snack which is as big as him.

ASMR is a global phenomenon that has been around for many years, in which creators make video or audio content consisting of soft sounds that give many people a kind of warm tingly sensation.

This video was uploaded to a channel called Animal ASMR. They also upload videos of other animals including an iguana, a guinea pig, a snail, and a hamster.

Rocky seems to be the most popular of the bunch but the guinea pig is hot on his heels with an exclusive channel for himself called Guinea Pig ASMR.

Although Guinea Pig ASMR is much smaller than the main channel, it still manages to get hundreds of thousands of views for the little guy.

Animal ASMR, a much larger channel with close to a million followers, has hit the jackpot with this video which got them almost 30 million views!

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Rocky the Turtle savors a like button carved out of a watermelon