Sassy Fox Explores Ultimate Play Room

It’s as if foxes are just lightning bolts in animal form.

One of the volunteers at Save A Fox Rescue in Minnesota needed to get her carpets professionally cleaned in her bedroom. After moving all of her furniture and belongings out, it was time for one of the foxes to explore.

Lucy is an adorable Fennec Fox that calls Save A Fox Rescue home. She’s no stranger to making viral internet videos and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. She was the lucky fox to explore her owner’s empty room.

With nonstop energy, Lucy zooms around, sniffing the carpet and rubbing her belly against the floor. At one point, she runs behind window curtains as if she’s inviting her favorite human to play hide and seek.

The peculiar-looking animal plays with a stray tennis ball and occasionally comes up to her owner to give her a gentle kiss. It’s safe to say that Lucy made the most of this empty bedroom and can’t wait for next time.

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Sassy Fox Explores Ultimate Play Room