They Saw A Toddler In The Room, But How These Puppies Reacted Next Stole My Heart! Aww!

Puppies are really similar in comparison to human babies. They are both playful and adorable, and they both need lots of care and attention. But when these two meet, it’s a whole new level of cuteness. Take, for example, the video featured below! Wait till you see what happens when a pack of tiny little puppies notices a toddler in the room.

These adorable Alaskan Klee Kai puppies were playing with one another when they saw a toddler on the couch. They probably thought of him as a potential new friend, so they tried their best to get up on the high couch with him. Their delight and excitement will surely melt your heart! I can’t stop smiling at this cute little clip!

Each of these puppies has his own ball or toy and they are happily playing in the floor with each other. There is a little boy on the couch watching a video, although I don’t know how he can watch it with these adorable puppies playing in the floor. When the little boy says something and looks down at the puppies, they all rush to him. But there’s just one problem.

He’s on the couch and the puppies can’t get up there. They jump without success. They try running and jumping without success. And the little boy just goes on watching his video. He must be very used to these playful puppies.

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