Senior Center Has Adorable Kitten Social Hour

What a fun afternoon for these folks.

Animals can touch the soul in a way that nearly nothing else can. Kittens are the perfect critter to cuddle if you need to calm down, are feeling sad, or want to hang out with a friend. These senior citizens’ days are getting a little brighter thanks to these friendly felines.

“Kitten Social Hour” started thanks to the Anchorage Animal Care and Control. They bring over rescued kittens to spend time with residents at Providence Health and Services Alaska.

This gives the adorable kitties a chance to get used to human interaction and touch before it’s time to get adopted. A social hour is an essential event for the residents as well. Holding animals can keep people calm and release serotonin, a brain chemical that makes you happier.

You can’t help but smile as you see these loving people gentle hold kittens in blankets. One imparticular named Hershey made quite the impact. After watching this video all the way through, you’ll want to head to your local animal shelter and get yourself a new friend.

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Senior Center Has Adorable Kitten Social Hour