Sheep Has An Itch She Just Can’t Reach And Enlists The Help of Her Fans

She’s a little sheepish about the whole thing.

There are some animals out there that just demand to be pet from the very second that you see them – well, providing that they show that they are friendly, of course. Some of my favorite times are just sitting and petting my two cats. It lowers my blood pressure, and it makes them quite happy. Sometimes you’re providing a service for them too, don’t forget.

Take a look at this video here to get what I’m talking about. We see a sheep at a petting zoo. Apparently, her backside was very itchy that day, and she LOVES it when someone decided to scratch her. So much so that she’s not happy when that person finishes up and makes like they are leaving. If she could talk, she’d be saying, “HMPH! STAY! PLEASE!”

Fortunately, she’s quite the cute one, and the people gladly stay for a bit longer to satisfy her itch. Dogs often act the same way as this sheep when you hit a spot that is insanely itchy for her. I’m surprised that her leg didn’t start thumping and jerking around much as a dog’s leg would.

The best part is where she moves her head back like she was showing where she wanted the person to resume scratching once they stopped. She’s so adorable that I would want to keep doing it for her. I tell you though; animals can be so ungrateful. You spend an hour petting them, and then when you get up to leave, they give you a look like, “THAT’S IT?” Yes, I just nearly gave myself carpal tunnel petting your head, and you give me that attitude?

Of course, given the brief memory of some of these guys, I can’t get too mad when they forget what I did five minutes before. The time spent with them is relaxing – even if it’s too brief to them. Don’t miss this hilarious sheep in the video below who really just wants a little bit more, please.

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Sheep Has An Itch She Just Can’t Reach And Enlists The Help of Her Fans