Shy Child Gains Confidence After Befriending Rescued Kangaroo

I cried, then I smiled, and laughed.

If you have kids of your own, you know that while some children are friendly and full of energy, others are timid. This was the case for a young boy in Australia who struggled to make friends until his mom rescued a baby kangaroo.

Huddy has always been a shy boy, even with his family members and pets. His mom rescues wild animals and cares for them at the family’s home. With every animal she brought home, Huddy would withdraw into his room and stay to himself.

When his mom got a call from a wildlife center about Garry, a rescued kangaroo, things began to change. Garry was hit by a car and needed a lot of help to survive and make a proper recovery.

In the video, you can see Huddy grow quite fond of Garry. Feeding him bottles and cleaning up after him, the bond was unique and unbreakable. Huddy would give Garry a lot of cuddles and treated him like he was his little brother. Even though the kangaroo recovered and lives in the wild now, Huddy dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

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Shy Child Gains Confidence After Befriending Rescued Kangaroo