She Sings an Ancient Viking Song to A Herd of Cows

If I heard a voice as clear, pure, and angelic as this woman’s, you’d better believe I’m coming.

In ancient times, herders used to call to their livestock. This would bring them to the area they needed to be for nourishment or safety. Ways of herding have evolved over millennia, with the use of dogs being the most commonly used today.

The lady in our video, Jonna Jinton, lives her life as purely as she can, away from the cities and chaos of urban living. She recorded this event on a bright summer’s evening in the most idyllic setting.

Jonna tells us, “In the middle of the bright summer night, I went out to call for the cows. I thought that maybe, something deep inside them, remember the sounds from the ancient times when people called for them over far distances.” As it turns out, Jonna’s instinct was spot on.

You will be thrilled by the reaction of the cows, the perfect setting, and Jonna’s singing of this ancient herding song. Her voice is beautiful, so it maybe shouldn’t be surprising that the cows are so drawn to her. What an interesting and beautiful video.

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She Sings an Ancient Viking Song to A Herd of Cows