He Sits Down On A Healing Table. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Horse… UNBELIEVABLE!

Whether you believe in holistic medicine or not is one story, but one thing is for sure: the relationship between humans and animals can have mind-blowing effects. Animals can have an impact in a person’s life that cannot be matched by any human to human interaction, and this can be used to help people recover from the harshest emotional wounds.

The video below displays the wonderful place that is Equinsity Retreats, a special reservoir for horses that also hosts people for a special therapy with horses. It’s a huge estate of over 300 acres, were horses are bred in a healthy environment that gives them all the space and freedom they need. Their wild and untamed nature makes them perfect for pure human interaction, and it’s pretty much perfect.

Since they’re used to seeing many different humans every day, they don’t feel uncomfortable with their presence. It’s beautiful to see how the horses can change people’s lives forever just with their company and their amazing strength. This video is actually a promotional for the movie “One With The Herd”, which showcases the relationship between horses and humans.

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