Skeletal camel rises with 60 lbs daily feast from his heroes

Bubba the camel remarkably rebounds! 🐪💪

“Every creature deserves a second chance at happiness, no matter how big or small.” That’s what I always believed during my years as a veterinarian, and the tale of Bubba the camel serves as a heartwarming reminder of this sentiment.

Once upon a time in South Florida, the SPCA, primarily known for horse rescue, was alerted about a camel named Bubba. To their surprise and sorrow, they found Bubba in a dire state – so malnourished that his distinctive humps had collapsed.

Although the SPCA specialized in horses, they couldn’t turn a blind eye to any animal in distress, be it a chicken, duck, or even a camel like Bubba. With love in their hearts and determination in their spirits, they decided to bring Bubba back to health.

At first, the path seemed simple. Bubba needed food, and a lot of it. But as they soon discovered, Bubba had a problem that prevented him from getting back on his feet. His teeth were in such poor shape that eating became an agonizing endeavor. It reminded me of a time when I had to help a golden retriever named Lucy with a similar dental issue. The pain these creatures feel is real and deep, and it becomes our duty to alleviate it.

Thankfully, the SPCA’s dedication saw them through, and with the assistance of their veterinarian, Bubba’s teeth were fixed. Slowly, but surely, Bubba began to heal, gaining weight and rebuilding the fat in his humps. Through this journey, Bubba formed a close bond with Julie, an SPCA board member. Their interactions showcased Bubba’s quirky side, from rolling his head in the sand to yawning multiple times in a row. Julie became his beacon of hope, showing him that not all humans meant harm.

In time, with love, patience, and countless horse treats (Bubba’s newfound favorite), he blossomed. The once frail and wary camel now played with other animals, sharing his food and joy with them. When he was finally fit and healthy, weighing a robust 1400lbs, the decision was made to transfer Bubba to the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas – his forever home.

The moment Bubba stepped onto the vast expanse of the ranch, his joy knew no bounds. He was free, with endless choices and the promise of a life full of happiness, interactions, and carefree roaming. Seeing him run and jump on the lush green fields brought tears to many eyes.

I’ve witnessed many recoveries in my time, from injured birds to lost dogs, and Bubba’s story is a testament to the resilience of animals and the boundless love humans can provide. With dedication and compassion, even the most broken spirits can find their way back to joy.

To witness Bubba’s beautiful journey and to spread awareness about the power of compassion and care, share his story with loved ones and consider supporting animal welfare initiatives in your community.

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Skeletal camel rises with 60 lbs daily feast from his heroes