Sly Quokka Spy Meets Adorable Joey in Mother Pouch

OMG, it’s so tiny and cute.

It would be a real joy if we could always see our favorite animals in their natural habitats. Thanks to shows like “Spy in the Wild 2” on PBS, we’re able to get a glimpse of how they live when humans aren’t around.

PBS sends in a hidden camera that’s discreetly designed to look like a Quokka. This makes it easy for real animals to remain at ease and not notice that they’re being filmed. The spy is nearby when an adorable Joey pokes his head out of his mother’s pouch.

Baby Quokkas grow pretty quickly, and it’s about time this one hops out to discover the world on his own. At three months old, this Joey learns that his mom will teach him how to get food and hunt for growing big and strong.

Thanks to PBS’s spy camera, we’re able to see how intense these adorable marsupials get when it comes to protecting what is theirs. It’s incredible that we have the technology to see special moments like this one between mother and son.

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Sly Quokka Spy Meets Adorable Joey in Mother Pouch