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Small but mighty: a seal pup’s adventure

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“What would you do if you encountered an animal with an unshakable spirit and a mission to explore?” This was the question that faced the Public Works crew in Cape Elizabeth on a snowy winter night. Little did they know, they were about to embark on an incredible journey with a determined seal pup.

At half past one in the morning, the plowers stumbled upon the small, moving figure in the middle of the road. They knew it was no ordinary animal and quickly called the authorities. The Cape Elizabeth Police department responded to what they described as “an unusual call.” What they found was a seal basking in the peaceful stillness of the snow-covered road.

After successfully capturing the seal and releasing it back into the waters at Fort Williams Park, the police received another call about the seal’s return to shore. This time, the seal was seen traversing down Shore Road, and the police suspected it was following the scent of a nearby donut shop. Despite multiple attempts to release the seal back into the water, it kept coming back to shore.

Concerned for the seal’s well-being, the police called in the experts from the Marine Mammals of Maine. The organization determined that the seal was a recently weaned pup, struggling on its own and underweight. In response, they launched a fundraiser to help care for the pup and raised over $7,000.

The little seal’s unwavering determination captured the community’s hearts, and people couldn’t help but joke about the situation. However, they also commended the efforts of the police, plowers, and the Marine Mammals of Maine for their compassion and commitment to helping the seal pup get back to the wild.

So, why not join the journey and discover more about this fascinating seal pup? Watch the video to learn more about its incredible story and share it with your friends and family because this heartwarming tale of determination and compassion is something we could all use a little more of in our lives.

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Small but mighty: a seal pup\'s adventure