Snow White Albino Reindeer (Almost) Disappears Into the Snow

Aerial Footage of Albino Reindeer.

The albino reindeer is a strange and rare sight, with beauty outreaching its scarcity as one can clearly see from this gorgeous footage. The contrast between snow-white against the green pasture near in Bodo, Norway, is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. The white fur of this majestic beast seems to exude life itself as the reindeer is seen running with the midnight sun glaring in the background.

Norway by air is truly beautiful, but nothing brings out the majestic qualities of the surrounding fauna more than an icy-white reindeer standing alone, exploring the greenery of a pasture. While the drone clearly gave this large reindeer a bit of a scare, it granted us all a quick but unforgettable look at nature’s spellbinding beauty.

This is why Norway is considered to have some of the most breathtaking untouched natural locations in the world. One not only gets an aerial glimpse at one of the most attractive times of the day, but the presence of such an endangered and shy species like the albino reindeer is a true treasure.

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Snow White Albino Reindeer (Almost) Disappears Into the Snow