Sweet Baby Horse Gets Gentle Lunch Alarm From Mom

He’s got his own personal alarm clock.

Being a mom is a precious gift, and it doesn’t come with a shortage of hard work and never-ending duties. As a new mom, a gentle mare wakes up her adorable sleeping foal when it comes time for lunch, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Horses are born with the ability to stand and walk right from the get-go. This stunning deep brown baby horse is taking an afternoon nap on the lush greenery of the pasture. He even looks like he’s kicking like it’s having a dream about running laps at the rodeo.

The loving mare gently bows her head to alert the sleeping foal that it’s time to have a delicious lunch consisting of fresh milk. While she never nudges her baby or touches her to wake up, someone the foal slowly makes her way upright.

Shaking off the grogginess of her nap, he then is ready to have a yummy meal. The foal looks just as beautiful as her momma. It’s so refreshing to be able to catch glimpses of nature like this one. We hope the adorable foal grows up to be big and strong.

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Sweet Baby Horse Gets Gentle Lunch Alarm From Mom