Sweet Golden Retriever Meets His Adorable Biological Sister

OMG, you can instantly see their bond.

Whether human or animal, it’s always a precious moment when two siblings meet for the first time. When a family adopted a new puppy, they couldn’t wait to surprise their golden retriever with his new sister.

Boomer is a golden retriever who has been with his family for nearly two years. He was adopted and given a life filled with treats, cuddles, and plenty of time outdoors. Boomer still wanted a furry companion to keep him company.

Thankfully, the golden retriever’s owners were able to adopt his biological sister when she was just eight weeks old. Boomer was excited to hear his owners come home one night and waited eagerly at the door. They put her in a big paper gift bag and went inside to show the excited dog.

At first, Boomer was hesitant, but it didn’t take long for him to look inside the bag. As soon as little Bella stops on the floor, Boomer gives her kisses and sniffs her. The two have an instant bond and have been inseparable ever since.

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Sweet Golden Retriever Meets His Adorable Biological Sister