Teddy bear and adorable baby monkey wear matching dresses

Bon Bon is so cute and sweet with her teddy bear and duckling friend.

adorable baby monkey

The adorable baby monkey, Bon Bon, is sitting on her bed preparing to take a nap with her tiny teddy bear. Her teddy is wearing a pretty dress.

Bon Bon yawns and eventually falls asleep with the teddy bear in her arms. The entire room, including her bed, is bright blue. While she sleeps, her human friend covers her with a blanket.

After a lovely nap, Bon Bon wakes up full of energy. She opens her cabinet and takes some time to pick what dress to wear. The dress she puts on matches the dress of her teddy bear.

Once she is all dressed up, she gets down from her bed and starts to happily eat a watermelon. The juices get all over her mouth and around her face.

As Bon Bon is eating, her little yellow duckling friend comes to visit her. Bon Bon loves to hang out with ducklings and is excited when she sees her visitor.

The duckling and Bon Bon greet each other then they hang out on her bed while watching videos of them playing outside on the grass. They’re so small that a phone is a perfect tv for them.

The teddy bear had fallen off the bed and onto the floor. Bon Bon doesn’t notice at first, but when she does, she picks it up. She then proceeds to give her duckling friend gentle pets and scratches.

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Teddy bear and adorable baby monkey wear matching dresses