Terminally ill woman’s wish is to find a new home for her beloved dog

What a touching story. I wish I could adopt Rosie. πŸΎπŸ’—

As the sun sets on a life well-lived, a heartwarming tale of unwavering affection unfurls. Our key characters? A courageous woman, navigating the final stages of her earthly journey, and Rosie, her lively pit bull companion. These two share an unbreakable bond, a bond that surpasses the mortal realm. Our tale reaches a climax in an emotionally stirring video that illustrates their profound connection in ways words cannot capture.

The inevitability of dusk makes us reckon with life’s loose ends, and for those who share their homes with animals, the question of their future weighs heavy. All too frequently, our four-legged confidantes wind up in animal shelters, gazing into an uncertain future devoid of their human counterparts.

Our story focuses on Valerie Alexander, a Philadelphia woman grappling with terminal brain cancer. As her days wane, her heart clings to a single wish: finding a caring home for Rosie, her vivacious pit bull and her family for half a decade. To Valerie, Rosie is not just a pet, but her cherished “daughter.”

With a hope to meet Rosie’s future family while she still can, Valerie dreams of a place where Rosie will receive endless love and care, a place where her exuberant spirit can run free. Ideally, a home without other pets would best suit this vivacious girl.

Currently, Valerie’s loyal friend, Charles Bowles, oversees Rosie while Valerie receives hospice care. Driven by a promise to find Rosie a loving abode, Charles amplifies this plea through social media, emphasizing the urgency and applauding Valerie’s unyielding resolve to secure Rosie’s happiness as her own life ebbs away.

As an Animal Rescue Society reporter, I implore you, should Rosie’s story touch your heart and you find a space in your life for a steadfast canine friend, reach out to Charles at [email protected].

However, if adopting Rosie isn’t an option for you, your help can still go a long way. By sharing and pinning the heartfelt video at the end of this story, you might help realize Valerie’s dying wish. This act could provide Valerie the solace she seeks, assuring her that Rosie will bask in the love she truly deserves.

Watch the video and let this timeless story of love and courage unfold before your eyes. See how Valerie’s and Rosie’s tale touches you and the world around you.

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Terminally ill woman\'s wish is to find a new home for her beloved dog