Timo the Ragdoll Cat Has His Very Own Musical Cat Mobile

So, my daughter is now gathering materials to make this for her kitten. I admit, it is pretty cute.

Timo, the Ragdoll, stopped playing with his toys and stuffed animals because he got a brand new toy: a feline mobile. Designed to look like a baby crib mobile, this toy is created specifically for cats — the motorized mobile spins and plays music.

Instead of lulling to sleep and soothing the cat, this toy is meant for play. It has five dangling mice that are full of catnip. The cat’s dad installed the new mobile, while his favorite pet was napping. When Timo wakes up and notices the new toy, he carefully checks it out before jumping right into playtime.

Bearing a resemblance to a baby, Timo the Ragdoll cat has fun playing and attacking the little stuffed mice on his mobile. As most cat parents probably know, if you give a cat a toy — especially one of those that move around to the music on its own — your pet will play with it for hours. Definitely, Timo will be amused for a long time.

Couldn’t you just watch this adorable cat for hours?! While most pet lovers enjoy spoiling their cats and dogs, undoubtedly, Timo, the cat, is treated like a king. Watch Timo in action, and we assure you that you won’t be able to tear yourself away from the screen. Watch this cat playing with his new toy in the video below.

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Timo the Ragdoll Cat Has His Very Own Musical Cat Mobile