Tiny Baby Deer Finds Loving New Home After Close Call

She was calling for help, and I’m so thankful someone heard her.

During a casual afternoon hike in the woods, a group of people came across a tiny baby deer in a swamp. They could hear it crying for help and couldn’t turn their backs towards the needy animal.

After looking around for the mama and coming up empty-handed, the hikers called Woodland’s Wildlife Sanctuary for some advice. The employee eventually asked them to bring in the helpless baby to them to give it the best care possible.

The Ontario-based sanctuary fed her formula and even gave her a stuffed giraffe that the precious baby deer could snuggle with. It wasn’t long until they named her Ivy and found her another orphaned deer to play with.

The two babies would cuddle together and became the best of friends. We’re glad that there are people out there with big hearts to help animals that can’t help themselves. It’s a beautiful sight to see the deer go back into the wild where they can thrive.

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Tiny Baby Deer Finds Loving New Home After Close Call