Tiny Cat Loves Taking Long Cold Showers. But Keep Your Eyes On The Big Dog, HILARIOUS!

Everyone’s been in a similar situation before: you’re just waiting patiently outside of the shower or restroom, but for whatever reason, some sibling or family member decides to take all the time in the world to finish their business, without even giving a second thought to you! This scenario is one of the many complications that arise when sharing a home, but did you know it’s not exclusive to humans?

The following video displays this particular situation, but it’s done by two pet friends! A Great Dane named Katie is eager to get in the shower and splash and wash herself, something that not every dog enjoys, but she’s stuck waiting because Sid, her cat sibling, is taking too long using the showerhead for himself!

The way dogs interact with other animals always makes me wonder about all the friendliness that they possess. It’s as if they were born to befriend anyone! Katie isn’t bothered by Sid’s long shower, and she seems no know that the day is too hot to leave the cool water. Katie’s patience is something worthy of notice, for sure! And the cat just looks adorable as he licks his own face with the water.

Watch this adorable cat-dog shower moment in the hilarious video down below.

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