Tiny farm dog helps out with morning chores

This little dog takes her role on the farm very seriously


Lola is the cutest little Chihuahua puppy and the newest addition to Sunflower farm. She is too little to be left alone, so the farmers bring the puppy along in the morning to help with chores.

Tiny puppy
Image Credit: Madly Odd

The little pup often walks the farm with her best friend, Princess Leia, a goat kid. The two animals share little kisses and nose touches throughout the morning.

After the goats are milked, Lola visits the chicken coop and even inspects where the hens lay their eggs. A couple of eggs are collected, and Lola and Leia are on their way.

Tiny puppy and baby goat
Image Credit: Madly Odd

The next stop is the donkey pen. Two donkeys come to their fence to greet Lola and say good morning. Each donkey pushes the other out of the way to get a better look and smell of Lola and Leia.

Now the two friends are visiting the rest of the goats at Sunflower Farm. Several have lots of room to run and play and lots of makeshift tables to climb on top of.

Dog and puppy
Image Credit: Madly Odd

Once Lola has said good morning to all the animals, it’s time to head back to the farmhouse and see her dog siblings. The giant mastiff, Gracie, is ready for breakfast. Lola looks like a mouse next to her big sister.

Finally, Lola sees the pug, Rex, who is warming up to the Chihuahua puppy. Rex even lets Lola rest in his bed, allowing her to curl up in the corner. It’s hard work being a farm pup!

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Tiny farm dog helps out with morning chores