Tiny orphan puppy helps despondent mama dog heal

Raisin and Daya are a perfect mother and daughter duo.

One of the saddest events for an expecting mom is having complications in their pregnancy. That was true for one mama dog named Daya when she found out she would not have puppies.

When the puppies did not arrive, Daya became unresponsive, and her foster mom became concerned. “[Daya’s] foster mom was watching that unfold, and just said ‘This dog needs help. She’s not going to get over this,’” said Katie Loveluck.

The team who rescued Daya had an idea. Recently, they had rescued a one-eyed orphan puppy named Raisin. All they had to do was find a foster family to take care of Raisin and Daya.

Katie Loveluck and her partner Nick stepped up to the challenge. “Daya was just immediately very receptive to the puppy,” said Katie. “She just immediately started bathing [Raisin] and licking her face and licking her ears.”

When Raisin reciprocated by licking Daya’s face, Katie and Nick knew that Daya would be alright. “We were like, ‘We know this is gonna work. This’ll be great,” said Katie.

The day Daya met the tiny puppy, she became a protective mama, and Raisin got to feel loved by a maternal figure. Together, Daya and Raisin healed. “I think in the end, they both benefited from it,” said Katie.

Once Daya and Raisin seemed to have healed, Katie sent Daya to her first foster home where she could get ready for her forever home. That same day, Katie realized she was unprepared to say goodbye to Raisin. Watch the adorable conclusion of this sweet story.

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Tiny orphan puppy helps despondent mama dog heal