Tiny piglet saved after jumping off a truck

There’s nothing quite like a happy animal wagging their tail.

A piglet was found on the road, having jumped off a truck to save her own life. The people who found her later took her to a pig sanctuary.

On the side of the road, a tiny piglet sat scared. She probably was only recently born and jumped off a truck, saving her own life in the process.

A couple in a car driving by notices her small shape. They take her in the car and wrap her in their clothes to keep her warm. She is shaking, surely anxious, and afraid.

When they take her home she warms up quickly and even plays with their chocolate labrador Chachi, who also takes a liking to her. Bubbles are the name they give the brave piglet.

They only have her for about a week as they try to find an animal sanctuary to take her to. ‘Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary’ is the place they discover for her.

There were tears when they gave her away, but they still visit Bubbles when they can. She has grown much bigger and stronger compared to the first time they found her. And she has made a lot of new friends too.

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Tiny piglet saved after jumping off a truck