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Tiny Tabby Finds Comfort in Older Cat After Street Rescue

I love GrandPaw Harrow. :-)

When two-week-old kitten Noelle found her way into rescue after having been homeless on the street, she craved constant cuddles. Fortunately for Noelle, her foster home came equipped with the perfect cuddle-companion to give her the love she needed: Resident elderly cat Harrow.

The minute Harrow heard the plaintive cries of the petite tabby, he ran in to comfort her. Harrow had come from the streets and perhaps a felt drop of empathy for her predicament. Harrow offered little Noelle the love and snuggles she needed. Noelle cuddled up into Harrow’s soft, warm, fur, and purred until she was satisfied that she was secure. Harrow mirrored back her tiny purrs with some deep rumbling purring of his own, and she calmed considerably right away.

From the time she met her “Grandpa” Harrow, little Noelle thrived. He was her favorite companion and she was encouraged to suck down her bottles once she was content that she had a feline friend to love her. She leaned on Harrow to help her learn proper cat behaviors and to supply the nuzzles she needed.

The once insecure kitten is now a confident teenager, thanks to the affection and mentoring of her older buddy. She is finally ready to take on the world and move on to a forever home with a family to give her all the love and snuggles she loves. She will surely return the favor because she learned all about love from an expert.

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Tiny Tabby Finds Comfort in Older Cat After Street Rescue