Self-titled dog person begs his wife to keep foster cat

Bless them for giving him a loving home that he deserves!

When Rachel and James saw the white cat, Bug, they knew they had to foster him. He was anxious and so nervous at the shelter that he would not eat.

The cat’s behavior completely changed as soon as he arrived at his foster home. “When we brought him home, he was not scared at all,” said Rachel. “He was out and about.”

Rachel’s husband was more of a dog person, but he immediately connected with their foster cat. And who could blame him? The second either of them started petting Bug, the cat would give them affection and kisses.

“Bug’s all about the love,” said Rachel. “He pretty much would not let my husband ignore him.” When it came time for the couple to start the adoption process, James knew he could not give up Bug.

James might have been a dog person, but Bug was a unique exception. He made a strong case for why they should adopt another cat. Fortunately, Rachel did not need a lot of convincing, and the couple added Bug to their two-cat household.

When Bug was not showering his mom and dad with affection, he spent time playing with his feline siblings. “He fits in really well with everybody,” said Rachel. “He’s just so goofy.”

Rachel and James might have had a “foster fail,” but the situation could not have been more perfect. Watch this adorable cat win his mom and dad’s hearts in this heartwarming video.

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Self-titled dog person begs his wife to keep foster cat