Trusting Dog Lovers Get Played When They Try To Purchase Puppies

What an ordeal these poor people have gone through! I don’t understand the world.

Be wary of what you try to purchase off the internet. A rash of websites across the country is ‘selling puppies’ for cheaper than average pricing. Then, shortly before the dog is due to arrive, the families are getting calls from the shipper. These calls range from, “You need to buy a special crate,” to “You need to pay $1500 in insurance due to the pandemic.”

Kerry De Voogd and her family were ecstatic to find a Bullmastiff puppy for sale on what appeared to be a real website. The family was emotional because the puppy looked like the dog they had recently lost. Everyone was ecstatic to welcome their home up to this cute puppy when they got the call about the $1500 fee. That is when Kerry figured out she had been scammed.

A high school biology teacher found her perfect companion online, as well. He was a blonde dachshund named Oreo. She knew he was the puppy for her the moment she first saw him. She paid them money for him and then received a call that he would need a special crate (which cost more than the dog) to make the flight.

It devastated these poor people that they did not get the pets they had planned to welcome into their homes. Not to mention, they were out hundreds of dollars. Always try to vet the breeder you are buying your dog from, and make sure they communicate all fees upfront.

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Trusting Dog Lovers Get Played When They Try To Purchase Puppies