Two Friendly Goats Stand Next To A Horse. But Watch The One On The Left — WOW!

Goats are famous world-wide for their incredibly ability to climb anywhere, no matter how scary it may be. Wild mountain goats can be seen climbing up steep and rocky cliff sides just days after being born, and even when they fall, their strong legs and bodies can withstand falling from great heights without much trouble.

According to information by National Geographic, they can climb on cliffs of up to 60 degrees of inclination, which would almost feel like climbing vertically to a regular human! Goats’ ability to climb and jump can be used for much more than just climbing cliffs, and the video below can give you a very sweet and hilarious demonstration of that.

The video is a compilation of hilarious goat moments, specifically, when they climb on the backs of their horse cousins. It’s a very common occurrence, it seems, probably because they almost always live together as farm animals, and a horse’s height is irresistible for a natural climber like a goat. Either way, I can’t even pick a favorite moment from all of these! I truly wonder why goats aren’t as popular as cats and dogs.

You can watch all of these hilarious goat moments in the video below!

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