Two German Shepherd Pups Are Chewing On A Toy… Seconds Later, Watch Who Showed Up!

These German Shepherd pups are just starting to learn how to play together and it might just be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Thor, Luna Bear, and Ajax are just about to steal your heart in this next video. Their mom, Tink, is never far away and while she watches them play, the appear to be having the time of their life. time of their lives!

German Shepherd’s have a reputation for being extremely intelligent and very sociable, for good reason. They are noblest of dogs and can easily be trained as police dogs, but this video proves they are still adorable as puppies. Playing together is good socialization for them and they are always energetic and loving, and sometimes mischievous if they get bored. But for now, they seem content to just play with each other.

Grass turns into a plaything for the three pups in this video and they are so cute trying to conquer the grass. You’ll see how they are even figuring out how to play games tag and hide and seek. I’d love to have all ten of them to entertain me!

You can see these three adorable German Shepherd puppies in the video just below.

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