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An Unusual Duo: Stray Cat Makes Friends with Brown Bear in Zoo Exhibit

I bet the cat is thinking, “I’m glad he’s on my side.”

Get ready for a story of a friendship between two animals that will warm your heart. Folsom City Zoo is home to two unusual residents who have become inseparable. Sequoia, an elderly brown bear, and Little Bear, a stray cat, have formed an unexpected bond that has captured the hearts of zoo visitors.

One day, Little Bear wandered into Sequoia’s enclosure and discovered an abundance of dog food left as a treat for the bear. The cat enjoyed the food so much that she made the zoo home. Zookeepers noticed the stray cat and began to leave out cat food, which the cat happily gobbled up.

Sequoia wasn’t bothered by the little intruder, and the pair soon became best buddies. They may not snuggle up to each other, but they like to hang out together in the shade. Visitors to the zoo love seeing Little Bear in the enclosure, although some express concern for the cat’s safety.

Little Bear’s decision to move into the zoo has brought Sequoia a new friend in her golden years, and Little Bear has found a safe and comfortable place to live. This heartwarming story of friendship has surprised and delighted many, as the unlikely duo shows that differences can be overlooked in the name of friendship.

Little Bear and Sequoia may have come from different worlds, but they share similar traits, such as a love for lounging around in the sun and a preference for a peaceful life. Their special bond has even prompted the zookeepers to make special arrangements for Little Bear’s comfort and safety.

The story of Sequoia and Little Bear is a reminder that friendship can blossom between unlikely companions. It demonstrates the beauty of compassion, even in the animal kingdom. Check out the video below to witness the unique and heartwarming friendship for yourself.

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An Unusual Duo: Stray Cat Makes Friends with Brown Bear in Zoo Exhibit