Vet Ranch Has Unexpected But Wonderful Results On First Adoption Day

Vet Ranch once again proves they are the coolest vets in Texas.

Vet Ranch is a popular YouTube series about animals getting found on the streets of Texas and are taken care of by the vets that work at this nonprofit. They are helped a lot by donations since people see how much they clearly care for the animals. This video is about a special event that they are holding – the First Annual Vet Ranch Adoption Drive. They have a very specific goal in mind – will they reach it?

We see Dr. Matt and Dr. Karri standing outside the Vet Ranch shelter. Their goal is to have every single animal in there, adopted. Given the length of the line of people waiting to get inside and look at the occupants, that looks like a fairly near certainty. There’s even a bouncy house to keep the kids occupied.

The two vets walked through and showed all the animals, who are undeniably cute. It makes me want to go inside and grab a few myself. The cats are cleared out pretty quickly. The two vets take us on a second tour and show us all the empty cat cages. There are a few holdover dogs, but the mobile vet unit is also winding down after a Herculanean effort by the surgeon on a seemingly overwhelming amount of animals being in there.

Then there are several canines being taken out on leashes, so that seemed to bode well for an empty shelter. There’s a bit of drama at the end, as one dog remained. Will he be adopted? Can Vet Ranch clear out the shelter, or would there be that one lone, sad, holdout?

Fortunately for Dr. Matt and Dr. Karri, there is a foster home waiting for this pooch, so it ends on a good note. Both of them got to go home, happy, and most likely, exhausted after a full day of people coming in and adopting dogs.

Hopefully, the Second Annual one will be an even bigger success. Vet Ranch is becoming one of my favorite series of videos. There’s a reason why they have over a million subscribers. Don’t miss this video on their fantastic first adoption day that we have posted for you below.

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Vet Ranch Has Unexpected But Wonderful Results On First Adoption Day