Veteran With PTSD Breaks Down When Her Therapy Horse Does THIS! This Will Move You To Tears!

Many soldiers are known to go through post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD). According to statistics, one in eight soldiers who fought in Iraq have clarified that they have experienced the symptoms. Many people get involved with therapy animals to help themselves during such a difficult recovery. Dogs are the most commonly used animals when it comes to helping veterans, but as this video shows, other animals like horses also offer solace.

Saratoga War Horse is an organization that provides equine therapy for veterans with emotional wounds. They use horses, some that are off the track thoroughbreds, to help veterans who are dealing with the invisible scars of war. The program teaches veterans from across the country how to communicate with a horse. The video below shows the beautiful results.

Two people with PTSD and sleep issues as a result of their military service are interviewed in this news report. We see an military captain just beginning his journey with one of the horses. At first, they are both a bit untrusting, but the trainer tells this captain exactly what to do, and the horse’s response is immediate.

The two begin to trust each other and understand each other. The captain is brought to tears by the horse’s ability to trust him and comfort him. It is very touching to watch.

We also see a woman who returned home after her military service untrusting of everyone. She was afraid of everything after a traumatic experience overseas. These horses changed everything for her.

Watch heart-touching video below and let us know how you felt watching this via the comments!